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The Hunter PCC-600i Controller with Solar Sync has been installed in homes in The Villages for the last several years. Useful links are listed below for assisting you with programming or troubleshooting.


PCC-Series Owner’s Manual

Solar Sync Owner’s Manual

The Solar Sync is a sensor system that, when connected to Hunter PCC, will automatically adjust your controller watering based upon changes in local climate conditions. The Solar Sync utilizes a solar and temperature sensor to measure on-site weather conditions used to determine evapotranspiration (ET), or the rate at which plants and turf use water. In addition, the Solar Sync sensor includes a Hunter Rain-Clik that will shut down your irrigation system when it rains. For programming instructions of your Hunter Solar Sync, please refer to the Solar Sync’s owner’s manual.


Manual Operation with a Hunter Controller

How to Reset a Hunter Controller

Display Troubleshooting on a Hunter Controller

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs Part 1 of 4: Introduction, Time/Date

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs Part 2 of 4: Program A

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs Part 3 of 4: Program B

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs Part 4 of 4: Other Modes

Canceling Extra Start Times on Hunter Controller

Solar Sync Product Guide: Smart Irrigation Control Made Simple

Solar Sync - Programming - Part 1 of 2: Controller Setup

Solar Sync - Programming - Part 2 of 2: Programming the Solar Sync Module

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