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WISER Lawns & Landscaping


WISER Lawns & Landscaping for New Residents

The Wiser Lawns and Landscaping for New Residents Class is a FREE class provided for residents of The Villages. The class emphasizes basic irrigation maintenance, fertilization, pest control and other landscape practices.

The workshop includes:

  • Operating and Programming your Irrigation Controller

  • Irrigation Maintenance

    • Sprays and Rotors

    • Cleaning Filters

    • Inspection Checklist

  • Rain Sensors

    • How they work

    • How often to check them

    • How to inspect them

  • Instruction Steps for Calibrating your Irrigation System

  • Principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping

    • Selecting the right plant and the right place

  • Florida Friendly Plants

  • Fertilization

  • Pest Control

The workshop is typically held on the third Tuesday of the month from 9 – 11 AM at Colony Cottage and 1 - 3pm at Rohan Regional Recreation Center. For information on this workshop, please call 352-569-6862.

The class is a service of :

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