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Do you wonder if your water bill and water consumption could be less? Are you using an appropriate amount of water for your home?  The table below is an excellent tool to evaluate your water use based on your location and home type.  It will vary depending on time of year and lot size, but it is a great place to start to compare your monthly water usage as shown on your bill.  It is important to remember that with active management and implementing the water saving tips described on this website, your water usage and bill could be reduced even further.

To calculate usage for your home if you do not have a standard size home and lot, use the method as shown in the How Much is Enough table below.

Please Note: These calculations are based on guidelines from SWFWMD and the University of Florida, showing average monthly consumption based on the typical lot size for the types of homes in The Villages® Community.

For North of CR 466 with a single water meter:

How Much Is Enough Single.png

For South of CR 466 with two water meters (split indoor and outdoor):

*2,700 gallons monthly average represents indoor usage for a household with two (2) occupants, regardless of home size.

Calculation Method:


Number of People in Home

Multiplied by 45 Gallons per Day

Multiplied again by 30 Days (average)


         2 People

x     45 gpd

x     30 days

  2,700 average gallons per month


Square Footage of Irrigated Area

Multiplied by 28.3 inches per year

Multiplied by 0.05194 (conversion factor)


  5,000 SF Irrigated Area

x     28.3 in/yr

x       0.05194 factor

  7,400 average gallons per month

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