Skip a Week


As we begin to experience the cooler temperatures of the winter months, your lawn will begin to grow much more slowly and require less water, so skip a week of irrigation. This time of year is a great time to cut back on your water use and train your yard to need less water by skipping a week of irrigation and only irrigating when your lawn begins to show signs of stress.

Skipping a week and only irrigating when your lawn begins to show signs of stress will encourage deeper root growth, which will help to develop more drought tolerant lawns and landscaping. It will also save water, which protects our water resources and provides savings on water bills.

Signs of stress include:
• Lingering footprints or mower tracks
• Grass blades or leaf blades beginning to close lengthwise
• Top few inches of soil feeling dry

Lawns will generally need water before landscape plants (excluding flowers). Therefore, if the lawn is being irrigated when it shows signs of stress, the landscape plants will be adequately irrigated. Flower beds and dry spots on your lawn should be hand watered with a hose using an automatic shut off nozzle, rather than operating your entire irrigation system.

Now that it’s cooler, save water and skip a week of irrigation.

More tips and information about skipping a week can be found here.

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